Friday, March 17, 2006

A Day of Rest

This is the second day this week I’ve had to call in sick to work. My head is really congested, and I’m exhausted. Since I’m pregnant, I can’t take any drugs. Well, some are considered “probably safe” for use during pregnancy, but that’s still too risky for me—I want to do everything I can to take care of this little life growing inside me.

Although I don’t relish being sick, it’s actually kind of refreshing to stay in bed all day and not feel obligated to do anything. I’ve been dinking around on people’s blogs, researching alternative cold remedies, reading Anne’s House of Dreams, poring through baby name books, and napping. I’ve also been crocheting this baby afghan.

Regarding my pregnancy, I had some blood work done and found out that I am RH-. This means that, if Hubby is RH+ (we still need to find that out), there is about an 85% chance that we will have an RH+ baby, and I will need to get a shot(s) to prevent my body making antibodies against RH+ blood. For a few weeks, I was not as intensely hungry all the time as I had been, but in the past few days, my appetite has kicked into high gear again. Maybe Baby is going through a growth spurt. I am anxiously awaiting Baby’s first kick. I recently found this site, which has a week-by-week timeline of a baby’s development in the womb, along with ultrasound pictures. It’s such a miracle how God grows a baby.

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