Thursday, June 29, 2006


So today I was laundering and organizing a bunch of itty-bitty adorable baby clothes, and I came to the conclusion that nine months is a long time to wait for a baby to make an appearance!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Breaking My Sugar Addiction

Last night while home alone, I found myself eating a bowl of ice cream with trail mix sprinkled on top. I didn’t even really want it, but I had been telling myself all day that I could have ice cream that evening, so I felt like I had to, after all that anticipation. After the first bite, I felt ashamed of my sinful eating habits, and I knew I should have just thrown the whole bowlful away, but I finished it and went for a walk, and the Holy Spirit continued to convict me.

When Hubby got home, I told him what had happened and mentioned I was considering giving up sugary foods. He encouraged me in that direction, because he knows how much of an issue food can be for me, but I wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment. This morning I asked Hubby to pray for me to make the right decision. He did, and then asked what was holding me back. “Is it that you know what you should do, but it’s just hard?” I knew that was indeed the case, but I still resisted. We picked up reading in the Bible where we had left off yesterday, and guess what verse we came to? James 4:17—“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” That was when I finally surrendered to the Lord and made a commitment before Him and my husband that I will not eat sugary foods unless someone else offers them to me, such as if someone invited me over for dinner and had prepared a special dessert, and I felt it would be rude not to accept it.

I know that it won’t be easy for my body to get over its addiction to sugar, but I am confident that God will help me resist the temptation to give in to cravings. Plus, I have a very caring and supportive husband on my side.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2 More Months

Baby has been kicking hard and moving around a lot lately. I can literally watch my belly morph as Baby turns around or does whatever he or she does in there. When I press on my belly, I can feel different baby parts, but I can’t distinguish them yet. Only about two more months until I get to meet this little wiggle-worm! :-)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where Will Baby Sleep?

I'm still here; I just haven't had a lot to blog about lately.

My mom gave me her bread machine that she never used, so I've had fun playing around with that lately.

I have been researching different childbirth "methods." I'm still not set on any one approach, but I am feeling more prepared and even excited about giving birth. If I had to do it today, I could (but, of course, I want Baby to stay inside for a couple more months to grow bigger and stronger).

We know we want Baby in our bedroom for the first few months at least (actually, we don't have a lot of choice, since our apartment only has one bedroom). We were considering getting an Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper, and maybe we still will, but a lot of the parent reviews I have read online say that their babies outgrew them after four or five months. I don't know if it would be a good use of money to get a co-sleeper that could only be used for four or five months and then have to purchase a full-sized crib, as well.

Another option would be to get an relatively inexpensive Moses basket (has anyone ever tried one?) or bassinet, plus a crib. Any advice from moms who have been there? Did you have your babies sleep in your room? When did you move them to another room?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This and That

I had a dream last night that I was in a grocery store and kept knocking down displays in the aisles—boxes, cans, you name it—when I tried to squeeze by with my pregnant belly.

When I went in for an appointment with my midwives the other day, my fundal height was 28 centimeters—right on for this week. My ankles aren’t swollen yet, but my hands are just a bit. It is not as easy to slip my rings on and off as it used to be. One of my midwives suggested drinking spearmint iced tea, as it may help reduce swelling.

I finished crocheting the Little Star Afghan. I made it 20 rounds—19 of a light yellow and then the outer round white, for a border. I just started working on this Blue Alphabet cross-stitch sampler. I usually stay away from cross-stitch because it's so tedious and time-consuming, but I figured I should be able to handle this design because it has a lot of open space and only five colors.

I meet with some women from my church every Saturday morning at a café. The café sells these yummy cream-cheese-filled marionberry scones. The other day I tried to replicate them in my own kitchen. The scone part came out fine, but the filling (I tried cream cheese beaten with an egg) got dry and rubbery. Next time I will try leaving the egg out of the filling and maybe stirring in a little jam. Does anyone have a recipe for cream-cheese-filled scones you would like to share?