Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Breaking My Sugar Addiction

Last night while home alone, I found myself eating a bowl of ice cream with trail mix sprinkled on top. I didn’t even really want it, but I had been telling myself all day that I could have ice cream that evening, so I felt like I had to, after all that anticipation. After the first bite, I felt ashamed of my sinful eating habits, and I knew I should have just thrown the whole bowlful away, but I finished it and went for a walk, and the Holy Spirit continued to convict me.

When Hubby got home, I told him what had happened and mentioned I was considering giving up sugary foods. He encouraged me in that direction, because he knows how much of an issue food can be for me, but I wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment. This morning I asked Hubby to pray for me to make the right decision. He did, and then asked what was holding me back. “Is it that you know what you should do, but it’s just hard?” I knew that was indeed the case, but I still resisted. We picked up reading in the Bible where we had left off yesterday, and guess what verse we came to? James 4:17—“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” That was when I finally surrendered to the Lord and made a commitment before Him and my husband that I will not eat sugary foods unless someone else offers them to me, such as if someone invited me over for dinner and had prepared a special dessert, and I felt it would be rude not to accept it.

I know that it won’t be easy for my body to get over its addiction to sugar, but I am confident that God will help me resist the temptation to give in to cravings. Plus, I have a very caring and supportive husband on my side.


Laura said...

James 4:17—“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”

Wow... this is convicting for me, very much so, because I've been struggling with a matter over the past few weeks (two matters, actually) and this was the answer to my struggle.

Thanks for the post! :-)

Melissa said...

Laura--Wow, it's so neat how God shows us just the right verse at just the right time. I'm glad He used this post to encourage you.

Shannon said...

Hi Melissa,
I struggle in the sugar area also. I think that you might get a waiver however, since you are eating for two, whereas I think I'm eating for me, myself, and I!!! (I say the former jokingly and I ask God that he would help you overcome this struggle in your life.)