Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Baby Boy has finally (at 10 1/2 months) started to crawl. He is quite pleased with himself and spent quite a bit of time today chasing after some balls with bells and rattles inside. Before now, he would roll to get where he wanted to go, or scoot on his back. But I think he likes going forward. It's more efficient. ;-)

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prayzgod said...

My first boy crawled at about 7 months, but only if I put his favorite toy on the other side of the room. He preferred to roll to where he wanted to go.

My second, starting at around 8-10 months or so would crawl backwards, but not forwards, and also just preferred to roll.

My third didn't really crawl at all, just rolled.

My first walked at 13 months, my second at 15 months, and my third at 16 months.

Now I'm blown away with a girl, who starting sitting around 4 months, and has been super-crawling since around 6 or 7 months. She also doesn't take a pacifier like her three brothers did. She prefers her thumb, but only sucks it when she has her blankey and is getting ready for sleep. :-)

Enjoy the crawling. Your little one will either do it a short time and walk, or he'll enjoy it, and be a "late" walker like my boys. Either way, it's cute. :-)