Saturday, September 29, 2007

The weekend, so far

I am feeling much better. I haven't had morning sickness for the past few days, I have more energy, and my senses of taste and smell are returning.

Hubby has been on a trip with some other men from our church for the past few days, but he is getting home tonight. I can't wait to see him again! I miss him so much when he is gone. I think 1-year-old missed him, too. 1-year-old did end up getting what I had, but he is almost better. We had a few rough nights with lots of waking up and crying, partly because of his cold, and partly because he is getting in another tooth (his 8th)!

While Hubby was gone, I shopped around at various craft stores and discount stores and bought a few items to go on the walls in our living room, which were previously quite bare. We had been waiting to decorate until we could afford a slipcover for our very retro-looking couch (green and brown flowers, plus stripes--I've been waiting to cover that thing up for a long time), which we were able to do last week. We ordered it online, so we're still waiting for it to arrive, but we measured carefully and made sure to choose all the right options (T-cushion, wing back, etc.), so I'm pretty sure it will work. It was hard to tell the exact color from the little sample swatch on the manufacturer's website, but it is a deep red/burgundy, which will coordinate well with the dark teal-ish armchair and loveseat that are also in our living room. I like the way our living room looks now (well, except for the ugly couch that I'm eager to cover!). I bought a wall planter and some moss and silk ivy vines to go in it, a burgundy wooden sign that says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," and a tri-colored dried eucalyptus wreath (green, burgundy, and brown--it smells so good!) that kind of ties everything together, AND, I got out nails and hammer and hung them all on the walls, all by myself, thank you very much! :-) Hee hee, I have always had someone else around who knows what they are doing when it is time to hang things on the walls, so I had actually never done it myself before. I was pleased that I didn't smash my thumb and actually managed to get things to hang straight. I think Hubby will like the living room's new look. It seems a lot homier now. I plan to post a picture soon, but I can't at the moment because Hubby took our digital camera on his trip.

My mom came over to spend some time with 1-year-old and me. My parents live 2 1/2 hours away from us, so we don't see them as often as we'd like, and it is always special when they visit. 1-year-old had a great time with her. She read him lots of stories, which is a sure way to win him over. She and I had some good girl bonding time, too. We watched a chick flick together last night, and today we browsed some antique stores.

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Candice said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better:) It's wonderful that you got to spend some time with your mom and your little guy got to visit with Grandma, that is very special. I really miss not being near family now that we're on an we look forward to seeing our families next summer, maybe, we haven't decided when we'll visit. Anyways... I enjoy keeping up with you:) God bless!