Tuesday, April 15, 2008


D.L.F. has been going around lately saying, "Hi, Buddy," "Hi, Honey," and "Hi, Cutie." Obviously, he picked up those phrases from me. I'm not sure if he is simply repeating them or if he is using them as names for me. Either way, it's pretty cute.

We live a few blocks away from a plant nursery, so sometimes we walk over there when we need an outing but I don't want to go too far. We went there today. D.L.F. likes to look at flowers and the fish in the pond. He is learning the names of some colors, so I point out the colors of all the flowers we see. It's cheap entertainment. :-)

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Baby is now in L.O.A. position, which I guess is the "ideal" position for birth, so I hope she stays that way! I mentioned that my lower back was achy, and the supervising midwife rubbed it with arnica oil for me about half an hour! It felt so good and made me extra-happy to be back with my midwives again instead of an OB/GYN.

I am reading a fairly new book called The Big Book of Birth, by Erica Lyon (I was able to get it through my local library). I'm not done yet, but I recommend it. Most books about pregnancy are 90% about getting through your three trimesters, and oh, here's a chapter about birth at the end. But as the title suggests, this entire book is about birth. It includes lots of information on non-chemical pain coping techniques, and there are women's personal stories interspersed throughout regarding every stage of labor. It's still a fairly basic book (it's not a midwifery manual or anything), but it's nice to have a concise guide to what labor can be like (I think it would be especially good for a first-time mom who wants to have some idea of what to expect).

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