Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too Busy

I have been too busy to blog. Everything is going well around here, though. Cupcake was up to 8 lbs., 7 oz. at her 2-week checkup, so she has regained her birth weight and then some. Dear Little Fellow is doing really well now with having a little sister. He is getting better at entertaining himself while I take care of Cupcake. She still sleeps a lot, but my midwives say that's fine--since she's gaining plenty of weight--and that I should enjoy it while it lasts!

Some friends of ours (who just got engaged--yay!) brought dinner over to share with us last night, and we had such a nice time together.

I took both kids out by myself for the first time on Monday. Wow! It took so much preparation...getting myself ready, getting D.L.F. and Cupcake dressed, nursing Cupcake, figuring out the double stroller, packing everything required for a trip out with a baby and toddler, and then hauling everything down a flight of stairs! Oh, and Cupcake spit up all over me right before we were ready to go out the door! I figured, since we were only going to the park, no one would really get that close to me, so I just wiped it off as well as I could, and we were on our way. Five years ago, the thought of doing that probably would have disgusted me to no end, but...things change when you become a mom. :-) It's been too rainy the past couple of days to go anywhere, but if the weather clears up today, I would like try to take the kids to the library. We'll see.


a suburban housewife said...

Good for you! Going out alone with a toddler and newborn can be pretty intimidating, I remember!

prayzgod said...

I love taking my kids out. We call them "family outings," even though it's not an official family outing without hubby.

Today, while hubby was at work, all four kiddos and I went to the bank, out for lunch, Wal-Mart, and Aldis.

Then, we came home and took a nap, then ran down to Good Will to pick up some clothes.

Get your children (and you) used to going out with you, and it becomes such a fun thing. :-)

PS - Just as long as your baby is breastfed, you could be spit up on and peed on, and it probably won't smell. It never did with mine. I just wiped it off, and continued on with my day.

If we were to change our clothes each time, then we mommies would run out of clothings in just a few days...

BTW, isn't it nice having two children now? Before you know it, your little girl will be a toddler, and your little boy will be such a good big brother - playing with her and watching out for her. :-)