Friday, September 05, 2008

D.L.F.'s First Ice Cream

Here are some pictures from D.L.F.'s 2nd birthday party. It was his first time eating ice cream. Please excuse the dorky T-shirt. We always use one of T's old T-shirts over D.L.F.'s clothes as a bib whenever he eats, but I would have taken it off for pictures if I'd thought about it in time! Picasa will only let me post four pictures to Blogger at a time, so I will have to put some more up in another post.

Ice cream? Hmm...what's that?


Oh! It's kinda cold...

But I like it!


Anonymous said...

So you're calling T's wardrobe dorky? ;)


Melissa said... wardrobe....hmmm....

Actually, the particular shirt in this picture is kinda funny. It says "Cowabungee" and pictures a bungee-jumping cow.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, he still managed to scored a gorgeous babe, so it couldn't have been that bad!

Love you! Callll meeee! :D (I work 5pm till late, BTW. I'll try to call sometime this week during the day.)