Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Great Deals

1. Check out Catherine's instructions on how to get 5.5 pounds of ground steak delivered to your door (in a cooler) for only $1.98--that's $.36/lb! I did it...my meat should be arriving in about a week!

UPDATE: The ground steak offer is no longer valid.

2. You can sign up at EMusic and download 35 songs for free. You can then cancel your subscription and you won't be charged anything, and you get to keep the 35 songs. I just downloaded a bunch of beautiful Christmas songs from The American Boychoir and some fun Pete Seeger folk songs.


olsonsp4c said...


The Omaha Steak offer won't work anymore unless you spend $100. It was an error and apparently a lot of people at both Geico and Omaha Steaks are in big trouble for the mistake. You'll probably still get your meat though, since you already paid for it?

Melissa said...

Hi Anna,

You are right, the offer has been changed. Bummer...it was such a good deal! I do hope they will honor the orders that already went through.