Thursday, May 07, 2009

Precious One-Year-Old!


Cupcake turned one on May 5. She has been a joyous addition to our family! I am so grateful to be the mother of such a sweet, special little person. If you follow this link, you can read her birth story and see pictures of her as a newborn.

Things that make her happy at this point are her family and friends, bananas, cats, stuffed animals, baths, and music (she does the cutest little boogie whenever she hears music!). She is a super imitator and tries to copy sounds and people's movements. She is crawling and pulling up on things, but is not walking alone yet. She says, "Papa," "Mama," "nana" (banana), "ca" (cat), something resembling "cracker," and she refers to both books and socks as "k."

Her soft, downy hair is getting longer. I love to snuggle her and kiss the top of her head over and over. She puts her thumb in her mouth and leans against me. I treasure these days.

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lani said...

aw, i love the photo! she is so cute! congratulations on your darling one-year-old! :D