Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Few Everyday Moments I Want to Remember About My Kids' Toddler Years

-When they sit close together while watching a movie, sometimes they grab each other's hands and laugh uproariously as they shake their arms up and down together.

-If Cupcake sees Baseball Guy lying on the floor, she will pick him up and go in search of D.L.F. Then she will hand Baseball Guy over while gleefully exclaiming, "GUY!" D.L.F. usually says, "Thank you; that was very nice of you." Cupcake is very attached to her own lovey, Rosie, whom she usually also calls "Guy," although sometimes she'll say "Ro-ee."

-Cupcake knows she's not supposed to touch the dishwasher while I am loading and unloading dishes, so instead she'll walk into the kitchen, peer down at the opened dishwasher door, tell herself, "No-no!", walk out of the kitchen, then walk back into the kitchen and repeat over and over until she finds something more interesting to do.

And now I shall post two pictures of D.L.F. when he was a baby, for no good reason except that he was (and still is) so cute, and I love him.



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A Joyful Chaos said...

Adorable pics!