Monday, November 30, 2009

3-Year-Old Insights

Living with a three-year-old is a lot of fun. So far today, D.L.F. has enlightened me with the following comments:

1) He was "making" Baseball Guy touch the computer monitor. D.L.F. said to me, "Mama, will you tell Baseball Guy to stop touching the screen?" I said, "Baseball Guy, sit down on the couch," to which D.L.F. quickly replied, "No, he doesn't have a bum!"

2) "Candy is kind of like beans, only it's candy."

3) And apparently, he remembers his Sunday school lesson from yesterday about Jesus being out in a boat during a storm, because while taking a bath, he started churning up the water and then said, "Peace, be still!"

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

My kids love putting their toys in time out. Makes me wonder... is that all they get from me??? :P