Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Long-Overdue Update

My littlest one (who still doesn't have a blog pseudonym yet) is 9 weeks old now, and she is such a delight. She's very smiley and loves to people watch. She's starting to reach for interesting things, such as a toy or Papa's beard.

This is probably the last year before I start officially homeschooling D.L.F. Right now he and Cupcake spend their days reading, playing educational computer games, listening to music, playing with Duplos and other toys, playing outside, and going places with T or me. D.L.F. reads very well, and he sometimes likes to just sit and read a book by himself. I can't really take the credit--he pretty much taught himself to read by playing Starfall and watching Leapfrog videos.

Our garden is still producing tomatoes. Everything else has gone to seed. After the tomatoes are done, I'm going to pull everything out and plant some lettuce and spinach for a fall crop. It drives me nuts to have to pay a dollar (or more) a head for lettuce at the store, now that I know how nice it can be just to walk outside and pick whatever I need for a salad or sandwich. And home-grown lettuce tastes better, too.

My back is almost back to normal now. During my most recent pregnancy, I had constant, debilitating pain in my lower back that got worse with any kind of exercise. I put up with it, figuring it would go away after the baby was born, but it didn't, so I found a chiropractor, and he has really helped a lot. I've been doing Leslie Sansone walking videos to try to get back in shape. Three kids in four years does a number on one's body.

I'm excited about a year-long women's inductive Bible study I've joined. We'll be studying the life of Jesus. It meets once a week at a large church, and there are classes for children during the study. D.L.F. and Cupcake love to go to their classes and do art projects and play with new toys. Once a month at the same church, I go to a mom's group. A lot of my friends from my (small) church attend the Bible study and mom's group, too, so it's great to have time to fellowship with them.

T and I just started teaching Junior High Sunday School at our church. Neither of us have ever worked with Junior Highers before, so it's a whole new experience and we definitely need the Lord's help to know what to do!

I was a bridesmaid in my good friend's wedding this past weekend. I took Baby with me, since she's nursing. It was challenging trying to do the necessary bridesmaidly preparations while feeding and otherwise caring for an infant, not to mention the late-night rainy driving (T and the kids stayed home this time...normally he spoils me by doing all the driving on long trips so I can read or snooze), but it was totally worth it. My friend was truly a radiant, happy bride, and I'm very excited for her as she starts life together with her new husband.

T has been home sick for a few days with a bad cold. Hopefully, he'll keep it to himself. :-)

I haven't been doing much else. Obviously, taking care of three little kids takes up most of my time. Everyone tells me this stage of life will go by so fast, and I believe it. "The days are long, but the years are short."

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Sweet stories, sweet family, sweet blog. :o)