Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Day of Blessings

Today was a day of blessings. Hubby and I went to a garage sale and bought a nice full-length mirror, an electric ice cream maker, an old Yahtzee game, 8 old Country magazines (for only 5 cents each), a computer book, a hand-painted “Merry Christmas” sign, and a lighted star Christmas tree topper, for a total of fifteen dollars.

Then my parents came into town. They brought my wedding dress all nicely packaged in an acid-free box and my veil and the big, poufy slip I wore under my gown. They also gave us a nice vacuum with all the attachments that they got for free and don’t need. We haven’t had a vacuum the whole time we have been married. We haven’t really needed one, since we have hardwood floors, but we are hoping to eventually move somewhere that is bigger and has carpet.

My mom and I went shopping for a sweater for me while my dad and Hubby looked for computer stuff. I found a pretty lavender cardigan, and Hubby got a great deal on a DSL modem, which we had been thinking about purchasing for a long time.

Then Hubby went home to rest a bit while my parents and I went to a park and had a blast playing Yahtzee. We all came back to our apartment and had taco salad for dinner and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

Also, Hubby and I have been married for nine months today.

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BrittLeigh said...

Hi! I love your sweet little blog. I found it from your love story in YLCF courtship stories. Very, very sweet (your blog, and your story ;o))!! I think it's cute the way you shop and get such great deals... That's the way to do it! My kind of shopping :o)!