Monday, October 10, 2005

Splenda--the "Safe" Sugar Substitute?

After reading the article, "Sugar Substitutes and the Danger of Splenda," I have decided to eliminate all sugar substitutes from my diet, including Splenda, which I always thought was safe, because it was supposedly "made from sugar." For me, this means giving up "sugar-free" chewing gum (practically an addiction of mine), no-sugar-added hot cocoa, "light" yogurt, and coffee (I had already switched to decaf, but I can't drink it without flavoring/sweetening, and I'd rather be done with it altogether).

I've been learning lately that food is good insofar as it nourishes my body, but not as a friend or comforter or entertainer. Only the Lord, not food, can meet all my needs and fulfill my desires. I am trying to be much more intentional about what I eat, instead of mindlessly munching whatever I think will satisfy me at that moment. Today I packed a salad--made with lettuce, bell pepper, carrot, and tomato, and topped with nonfat cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, basil, and raisins--to take to work for lunch, and it was delicious! Yes, it took a little extra effort, but my body feels so much better already than when I used to just compile a lunch out of whatever was convenient. I am also drinking more water and not "snitching" as I prepare meals.

A huge praise is that, if the Lord wills, we should be able to pay off the last of my student loan within a week! After that, Hubby and I will be completely debt-free. Yes, we currently live in a tiny 4-room apartment (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room), and no, we don't yet have a car, but it is such a joy to owe no one anything, except love (Romans 13:8).

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