Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clip and Save

Did you know that you don’t need to get the newspaper to take advantage of coupons? Many grocery stores have their weekly ad on their web site. You can get an idea of what is on sale and if there are any coupons available. Depending on the store, you may not be able to print out the coupons you find in the online ad and use them at the store, BUT, I have found that if you ask at the customer service desk of almost any grocery store, they will give you a copy of their weekly ad, including coupons! Some stores even have their ads in a stand near the front of the store.

Don’t automatically rule out the more expensive grocery stores in your area. If you pay attention to their ads and coupons, you will often find a few top-notch-quality items for a lower price than you could get them at your local discount grocery store. Run in, grab these “doorbuster” items, and then mosey over to your regular less-expensive store to get the rest of your groceries.

Many stores are accepting manufacturer’s coupons that can be printed off the internet from sites such as SmartSource. It may be worth your while to call around to all the stores in your area and ask about their coupon policies.

You can also go to the web site of any product you regularly use (think baking items, dental supplies, snack items, frozen goods, household supplies, etc.) and see if there are any coupons available to print directly off the manufacturer’s site and/or if you can get on their mailing list for future promotions and coupons. I would recommend using a separate E-mail account than your personal correspondence account, as many companies “share” your information with other companies, and your E-mail box can quickly become overloaded with dozens of offers and newsletters.

I have also written to manufacturers when I really like their products or if I have had a problem with their products, and received many high-value coupons (some for FREE items) this way.

Even if you only save a few dollars a week by using coupons, you are honoring the Lord by being a good steward of His money and making the most of the resources He has given you.

I am still learning how to stretch my family’s food dollar, and if there are any coupon pros reading, I would be blessed if you would share some of your tips!


Susan said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

Melissa said...

You're welcome, Susan! By the way, I visited your blogs and bookmarked them!