Monday, July 24, 2006

My Day So Far...

Some of my favorite bloggers have been putting up their schedules, so I thought I would join them. Here is mine so far today:

5:30 Woke up, prayed and read one day of one-year Bible with Hubby
6:00 Breakfast, contacts, hair, brushed teeth, ran dishwasher
6:45 Walked, listened to Michael Card's Unveiled Hope album on CD player—-I had Braxton-Hicks contractions during my whole walk today, so I tried to just walk slowly and take it easy
7:15 Shower, dress, hair, makeup
7:45 Organized craft supplies into closet to make more room in bedroom for crib, did dishes, tidied kitchen
9:00 Errands with Hubby—returned video, grocery store, hardware store for shelf brackets, looked at craft store for photo album
10:00 Continued organizing bedroom, researched photo albums for our wedding photos; I really like the 12x12 white leather bay box album from ScrapWorks, but I’m having trouble finding anyone who has it in stock.
11:00 Lunch; I have a new shelf by my side of the bed and the crib is set up! Yay! (Thanks, Sweetie!)
11:45 Made lunch for Hubby; organized coupons; blog-surfed
12:45 I'm planning to read a bit and then take a nap.

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