Monday, September 04, 2006

The First Week

I am getting adjusted to having a newborn. It’s joyful, precious, amazing, and exciting, but it’s really hard work! For the first couple of days after my milk came in, Baby Boy had a hard time staying latched on, which was frustrating for both him and me. He would take a couple sucks, pull away, and scream. I tried every position imaginable with my Boppy and regular pillows. But in the past couple of days, he and I have been doing much better with nursing. It still takes us several tries to get a good latch, but at least it’s working.

My mom was with us for several days after the birth. She was so helpful with cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, rocking Baby Boy so I could get in a nap, etc. I don’t know how I could have managed those first few days without her.

Hubby is a tremendous Papa. He loves to play with and cuddle Baby Boy, and he takes good care of me, too.

Baby Boy does not like to be alone. I guess I can’t blame him, after he’s spent nine months inside me. He will only stay asleep a few minutes in the crib, but he will sleep for hours in the Maya Wrap sling or nestled up against Hubby or me. I don’t sleep well, either, if he’s in the crib, even though it’s right next to our bed, because I’m constantly wondering if he’s too cold or too hot, or checking to make sure his blanket is not against his nose and mouth. Last night, I got him to fall asleep in the sling, then loosened it as I got into bed, so he was lying on the bed, still in the sling, and yet not right up against me. I really don’t have any answers; it’s all about trial-and-error at this point for us. I want Baby Boy to be able to trust us and to know that we are there when he needs us, but still, it would be nice to not carry him 24/7 (as much as I love holding him).

I have been downing water and Recharge (like Gatorade, only healthier), and snacking a lot. Emotionally, I’m doing well now (there were a couple of nights when I felt like such a bad mama when Baby Boy was very hungry, but I couldn’t figure out how to get him to stay latched on). I am also becoming less sore, which is nice.


Shannon said...
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kitkat said...
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prayzgod said...

I know what you mean about being sore, and latching on. Thankfully, my baby girl latches on really well, but I had big trouble with my first baby. He would actually only suck something if it was touching the roof of his mouth, and I was just not able to do that trick.

Hence, with him, I used a nipple shield to nurse, which extended off of my nipple, and touched the roof of his mouth.

As for the soreness, I know all about that too, especially this past week. :-s

I had to give baby girl some formula for a few meals while I expressed and threw out some milk, because my nipples were bleeding. They're tuffened up now, thank God. :-)

I don't know if it's genetic about my kids or what, but with each one, I've been able to nurse, or give them a bottle I expressed into, and they also take pacifiers and water. I've never had a nipple confusion problem like I read about. :-s

This is handy for me, because if I need some extra sleep, I can express several ounces of breast milk into a bottle, and hubby can feed the baby while I rest.

However, nursing in bed while lying on my side works good too. :-)

My little one has trouble getting to sleep by herself too. What works for us, is to let her fall asleep on my or hubby's chest, where she can hear the heart beat, or to swaddle her in a receiving blanket.

Also, your baby may have gas (consider this, if he acts hungry, but you recently fed him, and know he ate a good amount) or your baby may be getting hyperstimulated.

For the gas, laying him on his belly against your chest may help, and for the hyperstimulation, swaddeling works wonders. ;-)

Amatthia said...

Sorry to hear you have been having some troubles with breastfeeding. Just hang in there, it will get easier!!! I never had any problems with nursing but my sister and some other friends that I know have.
My last baby would only fall asleep when I held her close to me too, whenever I tried to put her down she woke up. My daughter hated being swaddled but I know this does work for alot of people. I ended up just letting her sleep with us. She has finally out grew this (she is 16 months.) Continue to enjoy your precious baby!!!!

Dandelion Seeds said...

This is off topic, but I am writing to let you know that there is a 48 hour prayer chain started for Susan Godfrey (you are on her blog's list of friends). Please spread the word so we can cover this family in prayer.

In Him,

Crystal said...

I saw you were on Susan's friend's list and I also wanted to let you know that we are putting together a special encouragement box for the Godfreys. More information is here

Thank you for helping to uphold this dear family.


Heading Homeward said...

Hello...I came over here from Candy's blog :). I wanted to say congratulations to you on the birth of your precious little one! They are a lot of work and with that comes tremendous blessing and many rewards!
Many blessings to you!

TAS said...

I want to second Candy's recommendation for swaddling! My little guy is now 3 1/2 months, and for the first few weeks we were ALL miserable because he was SO tired, but couldn't sleep, which in turn made me stressed out. Turned out, he needed to be swaddled - snugly, with both arms in straight by his sides. When we finally figured that out, we were finally able to get some rest! Also, make sure you are laying him down at the first point of tiredness (it took a few days to figure out my baby's cues) - as soon as I figured it out, I would swaddle him, stick a paci in, and he would completely zone out. He became a very good napper in a couple days of persistence (and no crying it out). Now he gives me a look of relief when he's tired and I lay him down (still swaddling him). I hope this doesn't come across as "knowing it all", I just wish someone had told me all this when mine was still teeny tiny! If you've tried all this to no avail, then I really feel for you!! =) -Tiffany

luvs2bmommy said...

Just found your blog and it made me smile. My little one just turned 1 and, believe it or not, I miss the newborn days. I was so tired and stressed that I can barely remeber them. The smell of her hair (that New Baby smell wears off about 6 months), her need to always be with me, touching. Oh, how sweet.

Here is an important thing that I learned from breast feeding. When my baby acted like that it wasn't a latch thing. It was because I ate anything with tomato, citris or sometimes peanut butter or dairy. If you eat spicy food, they will act like that also. Also, if they have heartburn (soft drinks, coffee, peanut butter and chocolate can cause this).

Also, this is what can cause "cholic". I stayed away from Soy, did the elimination diet ( and did the stomach massages to help her pass the gas (it became a game for my husband...How many times can I make the baby fart :) And it changed everything.

Also, don't worry about how the baby needs to be so close. I slept with my daughter till almost 6 months, then she started pushing me away after nursing. I WISH I could sleep with her/nurse her in bed now.

Do whatever the baby wants and you will be right. Nurse as much as the baby wants (even when it seems like it never ends, sometimes the baby is growing or fighting off a sickness when this happens) Your child isn't old enough to manipulate you or disobey. The baby needs to know you will be there and help IMMEDIATLY, EVERY time. I always get asked why my baby doesn't cry, I tell people because I RESPOND.

And, the sling is a lifesaver. Still use it a few times a day now. The more I had the baby in the sling during the day, the better she slept at night. Plus, I could finally go out because she would sleep and nurse in it anywhere.

Many Blessings...sorry so long, just some stuff I wish someone had told me.

April said...

Congrats on the birth of your son. I saw your blog linked to Candy's & love the title/theme of it. I enjoyed reading a bit & looking at your projects--very beautiful things you have made. I look forward to reading more, especially your birth story. Right now, I can hardly keep my eyes open. God bless your precious family.