Thursday, October 26, 2006

2 Months Old

It's been 8 weeks since Baby Boy was born, and things are finally getting back to "normal" around here, with the addition of a baby, of course! I'm getting to the point where I can take care of him and keep up with the house, too. It helps that he is taking longer naps now, and that he actually enjoys sitting in his bouncy seat and watching me wash dishes, fold laundry, etc. (Side note: I enjoy taking Baby Boy for walks in the Ergo baby carrier, but can anyone really get any housework done while wearing your baby? I've tried, but with him on my front, I can't get close enough to the sink to do dishes without splashing him, and folding towels is quite awkward. Maybe when he is old enough to hold his head really well and I can switch to wearing him on my back.)

He even seems to like watching me crochet, for a while at least, if I constantly tell him what I'm doing ("chain 1, 2, 3, double crochet, chain 1, 2, 3..."). I try to read to him for at least a few minutes every day. Mainly we read nursery rhymes, but I've also started reading him the original Winnie-the-Pooh. He also is with us when Hubby and I do our morning Bible reading together.

Baby Boy is a cheerful little fellow. He smiles a lot and is generally content, unless he is hungry or needs a diaper change. We are so blessed that he is now part of our family. We hope that he will eventually learn his real name, because we tend to refer to him as "Punchkin" (an accidental blend of "pumpkin" and "munchkin" that stuck), "Doo-dad" (don't know how that started), or "D.L.F." (short for "Dear Little Fellow"), out of one of the Narnia books.

Other than that, I've been hammering out thank-you cards for all of the baby gifts we received. We were blessed to be given three baby showers, which really took care of 95% of the things we needed for Baby Boy. We've hardly had to buy anything baby-related. One of the things we've bought was a pack of pacifiers. Before Baby Boy was born, I was pretty set against using pacifiers. I was determined to nurse "on demand" whenever the baby got fussy. But I've realized that sometimes Baby Boy likes to just sit in his bouncy chair and suck away on the pacifier and contemplate the world. Besides, he seems to do better when I give him good, full feedings every 2 1/2 hours or so, rather than just "snacking" here and there.

3 comments:, Inc said...

Nope, it's so hard to get housework done with a little little. If you get a wrap, you can do back carries, but I found the same as you - with a baby on front, you just can't reach the dishes. I felt the same way pregnant, actually!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you updated. It's a different world with babies, that's for sure. Blessed. Hectic. Tiring. Joyful.

As hard as it is at times, enjoy this sweet little baby time. When it's gone, you'll miss it. At least parts of it. ; )

prayzgod said...

I don't wear my babies in carriers much. Usually while I'm doing dishes, my 8wk old is in her bouncy chair on the kitchen table.

When I'm doing my housework, she is usually either napping, or playing with the toy doll I have hanging from the handle of her carseat.

When I cook dinner, she is in her swing (it's right where I can see it).

I'm praising the Lord in that my baby has started sleeping through the night. She takes her last feeding at 11pm, and now doesn't wake me up for a feeding until 7 or 8 in the morning. This morning she let me sleep in until 9am. Granted, I hurt, and needed to get the milk out, but I got some good rest. :-)

Enjoy your sweet little boy, and don't worry about keeping up on your chores. In a few months you'll probably get him on a bit of rice cereal, and then he'll really go between meals well, and will also be able to entertain himself better. :-)