Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peaceful Day

Since we moved a few weeks ago, I've gotten in the habit of taking Baby Boy to a park every morning that is about a 15-minute walk from our house. He loves to ride in the stroller and often babbles and sings. Sometimes he tries to imitate the sounds of sirens or dogs barking. This morning I pushed him in a swing at the park (he giggles hilariously when I push him from behind for a while and then run around to the front and say, "Peekaboo!"). Then we went down a slide a few times, and we patted some trees and bushes together. (I so want to live in the country, but I do the best I can in the city to introduce my baby to nature).

Then Baby Boy took a two-hour morning nap (which he very rarely does). When he woke up, we played "Come to Mama,"--I sat him down in the middle of the hallway and then I went to the end of the hallway and cajoled him to come to me. It took him about 10 minutes, but he eventually got there by laying on his back and scooting backwards to me. He's nine months now and not crawling, but I'm not too worried--my mom says I went straight from rolling and scooting to walking and never crawled, so maybe Baby Boy is taking after me. Still, babies are just so cute when they crawl that I would like Baby Boy to crawl if only for that reason, but I know he'll develop at his own pace.

Then I put him on my back in the Ergo (yay, I finally figured out how to do it! It's not as easy as the women on the video clips make it seem) and vacuumed the house and did the dishes and prepared some "finger foods" for him. Hubby and I can't eat in front of him any more without giving him some food, too, or else Baby Boy gets very upset. He wants to be in on the action (and do whatever he sees Papa and Mama doing)!

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