Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Days

T has been volunteering lots of his time at a local homeless shelter for families. He's been setting up computers and doing lots of techie stuff that I try to understand, but really don't. All I know is that when he tries to describe to me what he's doing, these words come up a lot: VPN, firewall, server, network. I just smile and nod and say, "That's great, Honey."

D.L.F. is a quick memorizer. It's fun to hear him reciting poems and singing songs. His tunes are becoming more accurate and recognizable. He wasn't into puzzles for a long time, but just today I got some out and he seems to be getting better about putting pieces where they belong. He and T had colds last week, but they are better now.

Cupcake is getting in two more teeth. She is sitting up well on her own and is a very cheerful, adaptable little girl. I let her take a piece of banana off my plate the other day. When she put it to her mouth, her eyes got wide and she got so excited. She sucked on it until it got too slippery to hold. That's the only solid food she's had so far. There are a lot of good reasons to delay solids.

I have been listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss when I go for walks (except the past few days--it's been too snowy and slippery to walk), doing a little light reading (the first two books of the Seaport Suspense series by Kathy Herman), crocheting a wool diaper cover for Cupcake, and researching various options for taking some college classes either online or in the evenings.

This past Sunday we finally put up our Christmas tree and manger scene. D.L.F. helped set up the tree, but we put the manger scene up after he had gone to bed. The next morning, he was playing in the living room and all of a sudden he looked up at the manger scene on the mantle and said in astonishment, "There's people up there!"

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