Thursday, December 18, 2008


T told me this morning that he had dropped one of his prescription thyroid pills in his bathroom and hadn't been able to find it. T had to leave for work, but I prayed and prayed while searching every square inch of that bathroom several times, wanting to get the pill before D.L.F. did. T's pills look very similar to these homeopathic teething tablets we used to give D.L.F. (which he liked because they were sweet). I searched the rest of the house, too, thinking maybe the pill had bounced out or got tracked out of the bathroom, but it was nowhere to be found.

D.L.F. seemed to be acting normally, other than looking a little puzzled as to why Mama kept crawling around on the bathroom floor. Still, I began to fear that he had already swallowed the pill, so I called poison control just in case. I described the pill and was thankful when they told me that just one wouldn't hurt D.L.F.

A few minutes later, D.L.F. was laying on his tummy in the kitchen looking under the fridge (what can I say--he's two) and found a tiny piece of lint that he wanted to throw away. I went with him to the garbage can, and when we opened it up to throw away the piece of lint, T's pill was lying right on top of everything! D.L.F. had found the pill, but had fortunately put it in the garbage rather than his mouth. What a relief not to have to to wonder "What if...?"!

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