Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Picture

Today when I was looking through old pictures trying to find the photos I took of our new house (we're moving in less than two weeks!), I ran across this one of Cupcake when she was seven months old. I miss the roly-poly, almost-bald Cupcake, but I'm delighted in the sweet, fun toddler she is now at a year-and-a-half.


Anyway, about the house, it is a small 3-bedroom house with only one bathroom, but it has front and back yards and a garage. The backyard has several raised garden beds, so I am looking forward to growing some of our own food this next spring and summer. There are also lots of flowers. I can't wait to see everything in full bloom! Now that we will have a house of our own and not be in quite such close proximity with the neighbors as we are now in our apartment, we are also considering a home birth for when our baby is born around July 4.

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lani said...

i'm so excited for you and your new place! can't wait to see pictures. :)