Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Full-Time Homemaker at Last! :-)

Friday was my last day of work, and now I'm home for good as a full-time wife, homemaker, and (in a few months) mother. I felt giddy when I got off work on Friday. It was the same kind of feeling I got in college at the end of a semester, after the last final was completed and the last paper was handed in, except even stronger--because it's not just the end of a semester, it's the end of a stage in my life, and the beginning of a new one.

Now that I will have a lot more time on my hands, I want to make sure that I use that time well. I am working on a Home Management Binder, like Candy and a lot of other ladies use. I will post more about it soon.

Another thing I've been thinking about: for ladies with children, did you take any kind of childbirth class when you were pregnant? Did you feel like it was beneficial, or a waste of time and money? Does anyone have any recommendations for books about childbirth?


a suburban housewife said...

I have "birthed" (!!) five children and I would heartily recommend childbirth classes. They are especially helpful for people like me who, beyond knowing how I got that way, didn't really know much about pregnancy!

We all have our "ideal" of how we want our childbirthing experience to go. Classes are good for preparing you for things that are "unknown" to most people.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Sherri!