Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting Ready for Baby

I am so thrilled to be expecting a baby! As Hubby and I are gathering more baby necessities, the fact that this little one is going to be here in three months for me to cuddle and kiss is becoming more of a reality. I got to hold a four-month-old baby girl for a while after church last night and coo to her and rock her and smother her little cheeks with kisses, but (sigh) I had to give her back. I can hardly wait until our little one is here to snuggle 24/7.

On Saturday, we found a good deal on Craigslist for a "travel system," so now we have a stroller, car seat, and car seat base. We also have a playpen, a bouncy seat that vibrates (when I used to babysit an infant in our apartment, she took her naps in the seat), and some boy clothes that were given to us (we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, so we'll still need to get some girl clothes). A few people have offered to give baby showers for me "after the baby comes," so people can give clothes for the right gender, but the baby will still need to wear something for a couple weeks until the showers! :-) My parents are giving us the dresser that used to be my changing table, and they also want to get us a crib. So the major things are getting taken care of. Thank you, Lord.

We want to use cloth diapers, but the apartment we're in now just has a shared coin-operated washer and dryer in the basement, and I don't think other tenants would appreciate me washing messy diapers in the same washer they use, so we're thinking of using a diaper service, at least until we are able to move somewhere where we will have our own washer and dryer.

I love feeling my baby kick. He or she gets really active when I first start talking in the morning, after I eat, or any time I sing.

I am looking forward to meeting you, little one!

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