Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Singing to Baby

Last night Hubby put his head on my belly and we sang songs together to our baby. He or she was doing somersaults and kicking like crazy! It was so neat to be able to interact with our baby that way and know that he or she will recognize our voices after birth.

The last major piece of baby "equipment" we need to get is some kind of rocking chair, and yesterday, out of the blue, a friend said she wanted to give us one. I am continually amazed and grateful at how God is providing for this baby.

I have been putting off cleaning the fridge for a long time, and it was getting really yucky, so this morning right after breakfast I gritted my teeth and started pulling all the food out and setting it on the counter. The whole job only took about half an hour, and it felt really good to have it done. So often "unpleasant" jobs aren't so bad after all, once I just get started.

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