Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Contemplating Her Navel

We're back from a whirlwind trip to visit my parents and grandma for Father's Day. D.L.F. and Cupcake were pretty good travelers. We took Cupcake in to my midwife today to have her belly button looked at. She had this weird bubble-like thing, about a quarter-inch in diameter, growing inside her belly button. My midwife said it was a little piece of leftover artery from the umbilical cord and just snipped it off. Also, Cupcake has an umbilical hernia, which basically just means that her belly button bulges out. According to my midwife, it will resolve itself when she starts walking, and she'll probably end up with an "outie" belly button.


candytest said...

My little nephew had a herniated belly button. It looked kind of strange, but as he got older, it just took care of itself, and is fine now.

Dawn said...

Well thats good to know it's nothing serious :-)

Outie belly buttons are cute too! LOL.

Enjoy the rest of your week!