Saturday, June 14, 2008

Melt My Heart, Why Dontcha?

This afternoon after I had put D.L.F. in his crib and told him I loved him, he said (for the first time), "I yuv you, Mama." AWWWWWW! That made my day!

I haven't blogged lately because, although I have two laptops, they both only work on their terms, not mine. The "good" laptop has been overheating lately and shutting itself down, and only T knows how to fix it (it involves taking off the keyboard with a butter knife and carefully resetting something inside the laptop...if you don't do it right, you risk permanently ruining the...something...I don't remember...but anyway, I let T do it because I'm too chicken and don't want to be responsible for killing a perfectly good--okay, not perfectly good--laptop). So the laptop I'm using right now is a behemoth that has keyboard issues. The shift key only works about one time in ten, and letters often repeat like ttthhiiiiiiiiss. So I don't enjoy typing on this laptop. I'll blog more when my other laptop gets fixed.


Dawn said...

Gotta love laptops, right? :)

We have an ACER laptop and even though the 'C' key is missing and the left side of the mouse button is fading, it's still a good laptop.

We are hoping to get my husband a new laptop next month or so as he begins college soon and then the laptop I am typing from now, would be all mine. :)

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!


Sherry Bowers said...

It's so precious when they finally say those three special words that all Moms need to hear :)