Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Not Every Day

It's not every day that you're walking in the mall, nine months pregnant, and a guy at a display booth holds out a pair of those roller skate shoes with retractable wheels in the sole and asks if you're interested in trying them on. Uh, no thanks, but thanks for the laugh.


prayzgod said...

I had a laugh with my big belly last night. Hubby was working on an air vent that runs in the floor behind the dryer. He had the dryer out in the hallway, and it stood in the way between me and the bathroom. I needed to take a shower.

Hubby moves the dryer to the side, and asks me to squeeze through like he does. Yeah, right... I found out last night that if I went through facing forward I could do it, but not sideways. I learned that I stick out more in the front than I am wide. It was quite a funny revelation. :-)

Melissa said...

That is really cute. I have found, too, that I've had to adjust the way I maneuver around obstacles. :-)