Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just Waiting

Note: slightly graphic pregnancy-related information to follow, so if you are squeamish, feel free to stop reading now.

I haven't noticed any more amniotic fluid, but I have started having a pinkish discharge, or "bloody show." This doesn't necessarily mean labor is imminent, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

One of my midwives came over to my house to check on Baby and me. Baby is head-down (yay!) and is reacting well (the heart rate is varying nicely instead of staying perfectly steady, which could indicate fetal distress).

My midwives suggest that I stay at home as much as possible to reduce the risk of infection. This is fine with me. When else in my life am I ever going to have a great excuse to just hang out at home and read, crochet, sleep, watch movies, etc.? My midwives said I could go for a walk. It's too hot outside right now (in the 90's), but maybe I will go when it cools off this evening.

Still no contractions. I am hoping and praying they will start soon.

I appreciate everyone's prayers. Thank you so much.


MountainMaMa said...

Sounds like you are very very close, I am excited for you! My first child was born one day before his EDD. Hopefully you'll get to meet your little one soon! Let us know when you start feeling any contractions :-)

Michelle said...

I've been "checking-in" on you all day! Thanks for the update.

prayzgod said...

Depending on where/how your amniotic sack ruptured, it may seal over again, and rebreak when you're in labor. Meanwhile, just check and keep re-checking your temperature. Just as long as you show no fever, you're fine. :-)

As for the pink show - you're losing your mucus plug. :-) I lost mine in my first two during labor after many contractions. However, with my third, I lost the mucus plug one day before labor started.

You're going to go any time now. Maybe we'll both have our babies on the same day. ;-)

I just had a contraction, and am hoping for another soon, but I don't want to get too optomistic - I'm only 6 days late. :-|