Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pregnancy Brain

Yesterday I wanted to pick up some books that were being held for me at the library. I checked the library’s web site to see what time it opened. 10 AM, just as I thought. I pulled into the parking lot around 10:15. I tried to open the front doors, but they were locked. I looked at the hours painted on the door—Thursdays, open at 10 AM. I walked around to the back of the building where a man was unloading books from a truck.

“It seems like the front doors are locked,” I observed.

“You’re right,” he said.

“But I looked online, and the library’s web site said it opens at 10 today, and it says so on the door, too.”

“Hmm. Should open at noon today,” the man said.

I was confused. “But…isn’t today Thursday?”

The man smiled and told me it was Wednesday.

“Oh, that would explain it,” I said, and walked to my car, blushing.

To make matters worse, when I went back to the library later in the day to check out my books, the librarian informed me that I had a bunch of overdue books. I was shocked. I usually keep track of when my books are due. I knew they were due on the 8th, but somehow I didn’t realize the 8th of this month had already come and gone.

I’m not usually so spacey, really. I blame the hormones. :-)

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