Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Little Fellow

I have decided that 1-year-old will henceforth be referred to as "Dear Little Fellow" on this blog. It's one of the nicknames we've called him since he was little, and it's better than calling him 1-year-old all the time (I'm still working on a better moniker for Hubby).

One of the things Hubby and I most love about Dear Little Fellow is watching him learn and grow. He is walking and talking now, and he's not much of a baby anymore! He literally says new words every day, but here is a list of some that I can think of, somewhat in order of when he learned them:

By 14 months: Yum-yum, Papa, Mama, Yeah, Clock, Ham, Nana (banana), Didee (diaper), Cat, Meow, Roooo! (elephant noise), Grrr/roar (bear/lion noise), Brrr (bird), Hat, Hot, Hi, Help/Helper, Mat (that his highchair is on)

15/16 months: Home, Snack, Neigh (horse noise), Baa (sheep noise), No, his own name, Caw (bird noise), Blocks, Box, Hmm… (sometimes he will look in the refrigerator and say that; Hubby says he got it from me!), Din-din (dinner)

16/17 months: Dizzy (when he wants Hubby to spin him around), Out, Squirt (referring to his bath toys), Yap/Wow-wow (dog noises), Wow!, Ring, Bed, Bath, Hoo (owl noise), Book, Milk, Walk, Burp (bupp), Cack (quack, duck noise), Bawk (chicken noise), Peep (chick noise), Baby, Maybe, Good, Box (for mailbox, when he wants to get the mail), Read, Door, Key, Eat

Updated to add: Honk, Beep, Goin' (going), Doin' (doing), Red (the is the only color he knows, but he says "red" pretty consistently for red things), In, Dry (as in, to dry off with a towel), Ride, Tree, Water, Library


Stephanie said...

You could make it easier on your finders and call him dlf. I think we'd know what you were talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I thought what Steph said. I suppose, then, that his daddy would be Dear Big Fellow, or Big Tall Fellow, hehe.

Always ever-so-helpfully at your service,

Ash ;)