Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again

Chalk it up to the hormones, the interrupted sleep, the many details whirling around in my head, or what have you, but I have been known to say some pretty silly things while pregnant. Last night, I went into the bedroom to get something. When Hubby asked if I would be coming to bed soon, I said, "I think I was doing something; I have to go see what I was doing." Hubby laughed and laughed.

By the way, here's another quote from last time around when I was pregnant with Dear Little Fellow. Hubby and I were out shopping together; you have to understand that what I was trying to say was that while I would be needing a restroom soon, I wasn't desperate yet. How it came out was, "I could stand to use the bathroom."

"Really?" he asked skeptically, with an amused smile.

Dear Little Fellow's newest words: chips, cocoa, grin

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Stephanie said...

Lol! You're cute.