Friday, February 08, 2008

Mama Burped :-)

1-year-old is walking now on his own. It's fun to hear the "pitter-patter of little feet" as he toddles around the house. I've been taking him outside for lots of walks lately. He enjoys patting trees and bushes and posts, and with all the exercise, he has been sleeping a ton! He is also talking up a storm. I used to try to write down all his words, but I've given that up, because he literally learns new words every day! He mostly says single words, but there is one consistent phrase he says. He loves to point out if he or anyone else burps. If I burp, he says "Mama bupp" (burped). If he burps, he says it about himself, using his own name. Now if only he will get "Excuse me" down....

The more independent 1-year-old gets, the more I look forward to having a newborn around the house again. I went over last night to visit my friend, who has a darling 2-month-old baby. She nursed him while I was there, and I went ga-ga over the sweetness of it all...the desperate little searching mouth, the cute sucking noises, and then the inevitable contented, milk-induced coma afterward. Nursing will be more challenging this time around, since I have a busy toddler to keep track of, but I am still looking forward to it. I nursed 1-year-old exclusively for 6 1/2 months before introducing solid foods, and I am planning to exclusively nurse this baby even longer. This page explains several good reasons to delay introducing solids.

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