Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Could Post, Or Not

But I will anyway, since T is working late and the kids are both in bed and the house is relatively clean and I have nothing better to do. So please feel free to read the mundane drivel that follows, or not:

1. I am finding that all of a sudden (okay, in the past six months or so), I am preferring stronger flavors than I did before. For example, a while back, I suddenly craved blue cheese. I had always thought blue cheese tasted kind of gross. But I gave it a try and it was great. I've been buying blue cheese salad dressing ever since. And tonight I was browsing through a cooking magazine and came across a recipe for a sandwich on rye bread, and now I'm craving rye bread, which I've always detested. I blame my crazy postpartum hormones. Then again, I blame pretty much everything on my crazy postpartum hormones.

2. I got a haircut because it was cheaper than not getting a haircut (I'll explain that in a minute). So for the past several weeks I've been working on assembling matching Christmas outfits for all of us for pictures...a dress for Cupcake off Craigslist, a sweater for D.L.F. from a children's consignment store, etc. Yesterday I mentioned to T that we pretty much had everything we needed, and he suggested trying to make an appointment for this morning, since he would be working later hours and thus would be off in the morning. So I called the studio and got an appointment (it sounded like they were wide open; apparently, not many people get Christmas pictures taken on a Thursday at the beginning of November). I wanted to get an up-do, so I called a hair salon to make an appointment. They said up-dos start at $45, and that was just the neighborhood el cheapo chain hair salon, not some fancy-schmancy establishment. Okay, plan B...try to do my own hair? I did try, but it was just too long and heavy and impossible to work with. On to plan C--at least get my hair cut--which would be cheaper and longer-lasting than an up-do, anyway. So that's what I ended up doing at 8:30 last night.

3. We only do family pictures once a year for a reason. Between getting everybody dressed, trying to not get muddy (it was raining), getting two kids to look reasonably happy when they were uncomfortable and tired of smiling, and narrowing down the fifty (bajillion) shots they took to just a few for prints (Cupcake was crying during that entire hour-long process) while trying to keep one eye on D.L.F. (who at one point was thisclose to pulling the shiny red fire alarm), I was about ready to collapse when we got home! But we did get some smiles from the kids, so it was worth it. However (note to self), never, ever, ever again let them position you again so that your legs are the foremost object in the picture. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I think I can say, "I'm glad it all worked out." I think. ;)

Remember when I pulled the fire alarm? :D (Well, I didn't exactly *pull* it...) But I'm liking this kid. I really am. Hehehe.

Love you,