Saturday, November 15, 2008


So. We went to Wal-Mart today to buy a potty chair and underwear for D.L.F., some gel for T's hair, and some towels for a local homeless shelter that is opening soon. We got through the line and as T was grabbing the bags from the cashier to put them in the cart, he said, "Hey! What's this?" and held up a foam Spiderman potty seat that is supposed to go over a regular toilet seat.

"Uh...did you mean to buy that?" I asked.

"No," T replied. "Did you?"

I shook my head and asked the person standing behind us in line, "Is this yours?"

She said it wasn't.

We were momentarily perplexed until T realized D.L.F. must have put the seat into our cart on the sly. Since the sale was already rung up, we had to go stand in line at Customer Service to return the seat. I tried to explain to D.L.F. that he can't just put things in the cart or Mama and Papa might accidentally buy them, but my mini-lecture did not seem to register. Who knows what other objects will strike D.L.F.'s fancy and be unwittingly purchased?


Anonymous said...

Tsk, he's no dumby--that Spiderman seat was WAY cooler than a regular potty chair!

I want to hang out with this kid soon. He's a hoot.

Love you,

Melissa said...

So true. Although he has no clue who Spiderman is, it did look cooler than the boring potty chair.

I want to get together with you soon, too. Come visit me any time, or I will most likely be up in your area around Christmas.

Stephanie said...

We should all get together when you come up for Christmas!

Thanks for your comment. Our "Little One" is quite a fun little one.

M. Elizabeth said...

Me too!