Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Answer to Prayer

A couple of weeks ago Hubby received a summons for jury duty for a trial that would last at least six weeks. Now, we are all for doing our civic duty and all (read my funny jury duty story here), but we just didn't see any way how it would be possible to go without any income for all that time (where we live, jurors only receive a token amount of pay per day--a few dollars to cover transportation and lunch), plus, Hubby can't just abandon his job duties for that long.

I have been earnestly seeking the Lord about this matter and asking Him to work something out, and I've asked several other people to pray about it, too. Today Hubby got a postcard in the mail that the jury summons has been canceled! He doesn't have to go at all!

Thank you, God, for answering our prayers.

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