Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here's what's been going on around here:

-Hubby stayed home from work a couple days this week with a cold. Dear Little Fellow had a runny nose, too, but they both seem to be doing better now.

-D.L.F. is down to one nap a day now; I think for good this time. I am adjusting to this new schedule. I used to have my quiet time with the Lord during D.L.F.'s first nap time, which is now non-existent, so I haven't been very faithful about spending time in the Word this past week or so. By the time D.L.F. does go down for a nap at 1 P.M., I crash, too. The upside of him taking only one nap a day is that he seems to sleep in a little later in the morning.

-Tonight Hubby and I both participated in an inter-house-church worship gathering. I sang and Hubby helped with sound and played the djembe (JEM-bay, a type of drum).

-Tomorrow we are bringing dinner for our church family. I will be making oven-fried chicken drumsticks, green salad, some kind of bread (I haven't decided yet), and either chocolate chip cookies or triple-chocolate brownies (haven't decided that yet, either).

-I am now 34 weeks pregnant! I'm getting closer to feeling ready. The only thing we need to do before Baby comes is get another car seat. I'd like to buy and set up a crib, too, in the next few weeks, but that's not crucial, as I'm sure the baby will end up mostly sleeping in bed with us for the first while at least, anyway. We have a few dozen newborn cloth diapers that I need to "break in" by washing them in hot water several times, but that can wait, too. We will probably use disposables for the first week or so anyway, because of the handy cut-out for the umbilical cord stump and also because I don't want to deal with scrubbing out meconium from cloth diapers.

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