Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guess Where I Am?

No, not in my bed at home, even though it is 12:57 A.M. I am sitting in a hospital bed, and Hubby is resting on a couch near me.

I had some spotting yesterday at about 3:30 P.M. I already had an appointment scheduled with my midwives for 5:00, so I went in then. They were concerned and sent me to a nearby hospital to get an ultrasound. One of the midwives came with me and stayed with me as we waited and waited and waited for the good ultrasound machine to come available. Around 9 P.M. a doctor came in with a very basic ultrasound machine for a preliminary scan to look at the position of the placenta. He said he couldn't tell for sure with that machine, but there was a chance of placenta previa. At that point, my wonderful midwife A. had to go home to her own family. She and I had a lot of time together this evening and got to know each other much better and found out that we have a lot in common.

She strongly recommended that I have someone come be with me at the hospital, so Hubby made arrangements with a friend to come over and stay with D.L.F. at our house so Hubby could be with me. The "good" ultrasound machine finally arrived around 10:30, along with the ultrasound technician, who performed what seemed like a very long procedure (it probably felt like that because I had to be on my back the whole time--ouch!). We wanted to find out Baby's gender, but his or her little legs were curled up tightly the whole time the technician was doing the scan, so we couldn't tell.

Anyway, the ultrasound technician wasn't allowed to tell us anything other than that the Baby's heart rate is normal, so we are waiting for someone to come and interpret the test for us. If I have a true placenta previa at the time of labor, I would have to have a C-section, but if the placenta is only partially covering the cervix now, there is a possibility it could move out of the way by the time I actually go into labor. Either way, there is a good chance I might have to be on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.

I want to do things as naturally as possible. I especially do not want to have a C-section. It is in the Lord's hands, though. I am grateful that Baby appears to be healthy.

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Stephanie said...

Oh Melissa! I am praying for you. Dear Jesus, please give Melissa a safe delivery. Please allow things to go smoothly without a c-section if it is your will. Please give Melissa peace and strength. In Jesus Name, Amen.