Sunday, March 30, 2008


We stayed at home all morning and afternoon today until it was time to go to church. Sometimes I still feel weird being home on Sunday mornings because I grew up attending a church that met on Sunday mornings. It was good to go to church this evening and talk and share a meal with everyone. I don't think I had been out of the house for over a week, except maybe to check the mail once or twice.

I have an appointment tomorrow--just a regular prenatal visit. Then I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday to see if the placenta has moved up at all. I am getting excited to meet Baby Girl, but I don't feel like it's time yet. I think she'll still be in there for a few more weeks. I am hoping to avoid inducing labor at all costs unless it becomes an absolute necessity for some reason. I want Baby Girl to come out when she's ready.

The hospital we've chosen to go to is almost half an hour away from our house--longer, if we had to get there during rush hour. We're trying to schedule all our appointments in the middle of the day so as to not have to deal with rush hour traffic, and I'm hoping that when I'm actually in labor, we'll be able to make the drive quickly. Dealing with contractions while sitting in the car is not my idea of a good time. In case of an emergency, there are closer hospitals we could go to, but hopefully, we'll be able to make it to the hospital we like. Blech...not that I really like any hospital, but if I have to be in one, at least this one has several nice features and amenities that other local hospitals don't have.

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